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links of the week – 22 July 2014

Sorry for the gap in posting, here are my links of the week:

Been getting my music playing setup working with Music Player Daemon (mpd). Several clients exist, but I’m using Theremin on Mac OSX and Gnome Music Player Client on Linux (but despite the name, this works on Windows too).

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments.

Battleship Rangefinders and Geometry.

links of the week

Secret Thirteen Mix 020 – Machinefabriek

Machinefabriek – lovely ambient – and as the blurb says, lethargic – mix.

Secret Thirteen Mix 020 – Machinefabriek | Secret Thirteen – Infinite Music and Art Journal.

Tech Tip: Extract Pages From a PDF | Linux Journal

Open source to the rescue! If you need to remove pages from a PDF file, here’s how – assuming you have psutils (pdf2ps and psselect) available on your system (e.g. extract pages 22 to 36 to a new PDF):

$ pdftops 100p-inputfile.pdf - | psselect -p22-36 | ps2pdf14 - outfile_p22-p36.pdf

Tech Tip: Extract Pages From a PDF | Linux Journal.

More tips here.

links of the week

  • Shipping pallets

    Take any object you like, pile it onto a pallet, and it becomes, simply, a “unit load”—standardized, cubical, and ideally suited to being scooped up by the tines of a forklift.

  • The Aviator’s Heart

    Amidst hangars full of airplanes and aviation memorabilia, visitors to Brazil’s National Air and Space Museum encounter a much stranger object. It is a gold plated celestial globe, supported by a marble statue of an Icarus-like figure with its arms raised skyward. There is a human heart inside the globe, preserved in formaldehyde. The heart of a man called Alberto Santos-Dumont. Brazilians consider him to be the true inventor of the airplane.

  • Been playing with SuperCollider this week.
  • LCD Module control using Python: Raspberry Pi -> Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller. More GPIO things.
  • Demonstration of herd immunity.

Secret Thirteen Mix 103 – Lustmord


Secret Thirteen Mix 103 – Lustmord | Secret Thirteen.


01. Jerry Goldsmith – Alien Main Titles [20th Century Records, 1979]
02. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Midnight Black Earth [Wonder, 2002]
03. Patterson – Freedom Now (Meditation) [Mo Wax, 1994]
04. Jacob Miller – Keep On Knocking [Jam Rock, 1974]
05. Jacob Miller – Version [Jam Rock, 1974]
06. Keith Hudson – Satia [Atra Records, 1975]
07. Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Version [Burial Mix, 2005]
08. Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty For Me [Mute, 2009]
09. Locust – Xenophobe [Apollo, 1994]
10. Puscifer – Children of Dub (Lustmord Dub) [Puscifer Entertainment, 2008]
11. Roy Budd – Goodbye Carter! [Odeon, 1971]
12. Mulatu Astatqé – Yègellé Tezeta [Unknown, 1969]
13. No More, My Lawd [Tradition, 1958] from “Various ‎– Negro Prison Songs”
14. Reload – Ev-i-loy [Infonet, 1993]
15. DeepChord presents Echospace – Sunset [Modern Love, 2007]
16. U-Roy – Tide Is High [Virgin, 1980] (Originally Released 1967)
17. Twinkle Brothers & The Trebunia Family Band – Don’t Betray Me [On-U Sound, 1993]
18. Augustus Pablo – 555 Dub Street [Yard Music, 1976]
19. Martin Denny – Exotica [Liberty, 1957]