rotating polygons

int angle; int R; int nframes; int dt = 3; int mint; // min thickness int maxt; // max thickness int r; // random range of line segment…

something new in the pipeline

Vertical Roll

int bg=0; int fg=255; boolean PAUSED=false; boolean DEBUG= false; // print debug information boolean FADE= false; // blank each frame, (opposite is fade); int fadelevel=10; // how much…


Travelling Through the Square Series

A re-implementation in Processing of Roger Coqart’s work from 1976. Here are teh codez: void setup() { size(1200, 800); background(255); strokeCap(ROUND); int hcells=width/100; // number of cells in…


More Attractors

Screenshot from 2015-01-20 15:53:43

Keystone arcs

Concentric arcs spinning around – hypno!

Sphere and Boxes (via OpenProcessing)

  sphere_points- OpenProcessing Source:  


Sphere and Boxes

(Move the mouse) float x, y, z; float t1=0; float t2=0; int p, q, r; Sphere sph; void setup() { size(800, 800, P3D); //size(1920, 1080, P3D); background(0); stroke(255);…

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